Capitalism drives sustainability

Place : Kala Bhoomi Odisha Crafts Museum, Bhubaneswar

It is mentally challenging for me to not have an opinion over something significant. That is how much I value good conversations.

Like most people or not, I am unaware of so many things that go on around the world. Maybe I wouldn’t know much about pop culture music or that popular book club millennials rush to. I will not sugar coat my ignorance as an excuse because that would be disgustingly unfair. What I want to convey to you Readers is that, even though I am not on my toes as frequently as others, I am always interested in exploring everyday concerns through new and fresh perspectives.

Conversations are like fires, except they are like the good ones that we ignite in our drawing rooms to keep us warm. Good conversations are something we cannot expect everyone to carry candidly. Some people capture the limelight with their personality, others spark up moods with simply a good liner. No wonder people are glued to sarcasm like they are to sweet cups of heavenly frappuccino.

The other day an article on sustainability caught my attention. We have heard about reusing, recycling and reducing so many times that it is practically imprinted on our minds unlike the eighth grade trigonometry formulae. An interesting feature of today’s world is how we celebrate scientists for their discoveries and achievements in guiding us to a better future. We applaud and sing for the gentlemen and ladies who appear on banners and posters and practically every advertisement that is thrown into our face, sometimes even forcibly. The madness for growth drives us to such extents that we forget to acknowledge those who bear the burden of misfortunes when a crisis first strikes.

I will not delve into the depths of how and why we have reached this point in history. I am more of someone who likes a good analogy rather than knowing about the conclusion in crisp. It is undeniable that our previous generations have had to fight their battles harder than us to reach where they are today. At the same time let’s not forget they also entertained a lot of things that were inhumane, including yours not so truly Article 377. The thing I am trying to convey to you Readers is that, every generation faces its share of hardships, some of which are unique to them. Instead of glorifying the achievements every time if we focused our energies on the many things that are waiting to be corrected, maybe we will find a way to not be crunched under this capitalist idea.

If you are to argue with me about how industrialization and open market has made our lives so much better, I will gladly accept your view. It has created great improvement in providing health care facilities and has seemingly made communication a necessity rather than a luxury. I am proud to stand on the shoulders of innovative, inspiring and humble men and women who have changed the face of reality in such a short span. However if you ask me if this should continue in the way in which it is happening right now, I will gracefully disagree with you for now. Maybe living under a safe roof with convenient supply of energy, gas and water has made us complacent to over look the spaces where so many people just like us live so differently. Allow me to show you a fragment of reality we are disconnected from in the present.

The promises of compensation to the forest dwellers to vacate their homes of a hundred year or more does not seem alarming to us yet it is emotionally devastating for them. Would you like to move away from the place you have grown up in, spent your entire childhood, played with your best friends, made memories in the lanes that led to your school all for an amount that promises to ensure your livelihood for the rest of your life? Or would you rather be made capable enough to decide what path you want to choose from the many options available to you? The dilemma and confrontation some people face is something we will never have to face in our entire lives. The way some people are cornered into making decisions that are tailored made to be in accordance with the wishes of a few, shows us we are no where near to learning from our mistakes.

With time we have become more civilized to communicate our wants in a more diplomatic way. But we have been endowed with the intention to subjugate others and the obsession to control and mark our territory by evolution. Will blaming evolution change our attitude for good? I leave it to you now to decide your fate.

Until next time, Readers :)

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