If it is not violence, is it even real?

Route to the highest peak of Odisha

I believe I might offend the progressive lot with the title of my blog since it gives a perception that I have an ideology set to perpetuate the unwarranted hate around. But I believe more than making sense to someone else it is more important to let the sufferings of our mind reach a farther extent, because seldom do people understand us even if we take their emotions and judgements about us into consideration. Nevertheless as I put out the title, it might not cater to your conscience as you read it as is the case with me, but nonetheless it is the truth from which we cannot escape, even if we want to.

The basis of human society has been based on a series of changes either in the form of revolution or misguided principles of a few who trusted their gut more than accommodating the needs of those around. Empires fell, kings were forgotten, and from dust another kingdom was established that flourished for a while or was made to look like that in the manuscripts and then the inevitable destruction occurred. I admire the resilience of nature. It makes us do the things we never thought we were capable of but ultimately end up achieving a greater enlightenment after every set back thrown at our faces. It is not only restricted to one species but this characteristic is shown by almost every other organism we live in close proximity with, with or without knowing their existence or contribution to our life. I believe nature has a way of sorting things when humans succumb to their overarching power of ignorance euphemism for greed.

Sometimes when I sit alone only with my thoughts, I laugh at the irony of the world. It sells us the most promising ideas ever, values that will make us embark upon a journey that truly unfolds the humanly spirit found in none other, yet the deeds of the world touches a different tone altogether. I hope I am able to string my sentences properly for you Readers for the thoughts in my head are much more sophisticated and raw unlike the words I am incapable of coherently putting together. As I was saying, I believe one can hold the best of intentions in their head or encompass a height of moral values taller than the Everest, yet the emotions we feel and the thoughts we develop do not yield any good when they are mindfully left uncared for while doing our duties. If our actions do not reflect our thoughts then do we live only in our imaginations or are bigots who have absolutely no idea of the truth we are seeking?

We are trapped or more so, chained to a series of events which we might not think of but those that are bound to happen. Our history tells us that even with the best intentions we may thrust destruction upon the earth as is evident with the discovery and application of dynamite. The moral principles might help us coddle our disbelief about the reality, of the way it favors strength over weakness, the way it paves a way for the resilient, but they are not enough to accept the truth that shows, violence persists in every activity. From birth till death, we are engulfed with the things that serve some and put others into a disadvantage. Like the dead carcass which serves those that depend on it for their survival, our own bodies are disposed off or burnt violently when it no longer has the ability to carry on. The desires of unethical forces fulfills the sustenance of the world, but will you act on it or discover a moral that serves something higher than the self? Will you go against the world?

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